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I worked 10-hr days in a friend's house flipping business for $500/M-F. Taking home $6-800 a week as a new truck driver (after taxes and truck school payment deductions) seemed like an upgrade first.

After 6 months I looked at the math: netting $1,000 in a 70-hr week, is still just $14/hr wage. If never take time off. If I do 4 weeks out, 5 days home, it's hardly minimum wage.  And I am forced to sleep and spend my downtime in a truck, far away from my family, with no transport.

Now I gross $1,700-$2,200 a week, I sleep in my own bed every day. If I have downtime, I just stay at home. Anyone can achieve that with 3-6 months of tractor-trailer experience.  Read more...